Thanks to the Renewed Prosperity Through Greater Training Program (PARAF), you could receive an amount of $ 500 per week for CEGEP training in a field with good employment prospects!

FIND YOUR TRAINING PROGRAM among those offered by CEGEPs that may be eligible* for PARAF. Certain sectors of activity are prioritized by the Government of Quebec: Health and social services ● Educational services ● IT ● Food processing ● Construction

* PARAF eligibility is not systematic and varies depending on the training program and the situation of the participant. To benefit from it, you must meet the participation criteria and consult an Employment Assistance Agent from a Service Québec office or a CLE in your region prior to your training at a CEGEP.

CEGEP Continuing Education Services are there to offer you winning strategies to seize training opportunities. Consult them!

Register before April 30, 2021 ● Training programs must start before September 25, 2021


Types of
Programs Available

Attestation of Collegial Studies (AEC)

AEC programs are short technical training programs designed for adults. They are developed by the CEGEPs in collaboration with labour market partners to ensure they meet the needs of your current or future employer.

Approximately 350 AEC programs are offered by CEGEPs every year on either a full- or part-time basis.

Search now for the program that meets your needs.

Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC)

Diploma granted by the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES) for technical or pre-university studies. The programs leading to the DEC include general and program-specific training. They can be taken on either a full- or part-time basis. If you have already obtained a DEC or completed the general training courses for a program, it is possible to register in another program in order to only take the program-specific training. You can also earn a technical DEC by taking intensive sessions spread over two years instead of three.

Corporate training

Advisors and instructors from the 48 departments offering custom training will visit businesses to help employers identify their training needs and suggest solutions adapted to their specific requirements and circumstances (classroom training, on-site training, training of in-house instructors, online training, coaching, self-learning textbooks, and more.)

Training certificates are awarded by the CEGEP for workshops or custom- training programs.

Information Sessions about Training Programs

Information sessions about DEC and AEC programs are organized by CEGEPs on a regular basis. Consult the calendar of events at your local CEGEP and register to have access to all the information you need for your return to school.

Training Schedules

Schedules can vary according to types of training and the CEGEPs providing it. Not only can you take courses and workshops during the day, but also in the evening and on weekends. Ask at the continuing education department of your CEGEP of choice.

Financial Support

Loans and Bursaries Program

Depending on your situation, you can receive government financial assistance with a loan or bursary to help you return to school. Ask at the student services department of the CEGEP of your choice or see Ministère l'Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche, de la Science et de la Technologie (MESRST)'s Aide financière aux études website.

Admission Fees

DEC programs: admission fees range from $30 to $35 and cover the costs of processing the application. These fees are not refundable.

AEC programs: similar fees are charged.

Ask at the CEGEP of your choice.

Registration Fees

Full-time registration in a DEC or AEC program is free. For registration in a part-time program, fees are $2 per course hour.

Registration fees for custom-designed training courses vary according to the type of training and its duration.

Other Financial Support Measures

  • If you receive employment insurance or are on a social assistance program, you may be eligible for one of Emploi-Québec's workforce training programs. Ask an agent at your local employment centre (CLE).
  • If you are currently employed and looking to upgrade your skills, ask your employer if training support measures or programs are available.

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